Behind the Scenes: Making Paletas at Paletas Betty, Chandler AZ

[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

In Chandler AZ, where the average daily temperature is over 100°F during the summer months, paletas (Mexican-style popsicles) really hit the spot. And Paletas Betty is where to get them.


Betty Alatorre

The shop, which has been open for four years (with a second location in Tempe), stocks a rotating selection of approximately 12 different flavors each day. Those flavors range from creamy options like Nuez (roasted pecans) and Arroz con Leche (rice pudding with lots of cinnamon), to icy pops like Zarzamora (blackberry and lavender), Piña con Chile (pineapple with chile powder), and Limón Amarillo, which has a touch of milk in the base and a lemon zest and sugar rub on the outside.

Betty's current favorite paleta is the Puro Coco. It's made with fresh-pressed coconut milk and big flakes of coconut meat. "It is nothing like coconut milk from the can," she says. "It is really light and refreshing."

All of the paletas are made from scratch in small batches, using only natural ingredients and no short-cuts. The fruit is fresh and in season, never canned or frozen, and even spices are ground fresh.


Nuez paleta

Betty says the recipes are inspired by childhood memories. "I remember thinking a paleta was the perfect dessert growing up, so I wanted to recreate that. Many of the paletas in Mexico today are mass produced and don't have the same quality as I remember, so it was important for us to get back something simple and pure. Aside from the traditional Mexican flavors, we make our own creations such as key lime pie and blackbery-lavender," she says.


Paletas (left to right): Nuez (roasted pecans), Limón Amarillo, Fresa con Crema, Naranja (orange vanilla cream), Zarzamora

We went behind the scenes with kitchen manager Victoria to see how the Amanacer (pineapple and raspberry) paleta is made. Scroll through the slideshow at the top of the post to take a look.