Green Beans With Snail Butter From 'My Paris Kitchen'


[Photograph: Ed Anderson]

I must admit that I bookmarked David Lebovitz's recipe for green beans with snail butter in My Paris Kitchen before looking at the recipe. Yes, I was actually excited at the prospect of cooking with snails. Alas (I suppose) these green beans are only cooked in the manner of snails, not with the garden creatures. No matter, the unapologetically garlicky snail butter is still darn good and makes a fine accompaniment to the tender green beans.

Why I picked this recipe: Snails or no snails, garlic butter is always a good idea.

What worked: Steaming the green beans before sautéing makes it easy to control the color and flavor of the garlic and parsley.

What didn't: Nothing.

Suggested tweaks: You could give this same treatment to any spring vegetable that strikes your fancy. Asparagus would be particularly nice.

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