Behind the Scenes in Maggie's Home Kitchen (and Bar)

[Photos: Maggie Hoffman]

Editor's Note: In our new Home Kitchen series, we'll be touring the kitchens of SE staffers and contributors. Today we're heading into the kitchen of Drinks Editor, Maggie Hoffman.

I lived for five years in a 450 square foot apartment in the East Village and somehow still managed to throw huge dinner parties, but I'm super-thankful to have upgraded when we moved to San Francisco. Our current kitchen nook isn't perfect, but I love that it's open to the rest of the living space, so the cook can be part of pre-dinner conversations. (Also, having fought with dirty grout in my most recent rental, my new kitchen's solid black countertops are a joy.)

The only hitch: Chez Hoffman also serves as Serious Drinks headquarters, so there's a lot of beer, wine, and cocktail paraphernalia to pack in. Pretty much every cupboard shelf is full of glassware, and every shelf that's not full of glassware is full of booze. Want to take a tour? Right this way...

About the Author: Maggie Hoffman is a Senior Editor at Serious Eats, based in San Francisco. She founded Serious Eats: Drinks in 2011. You can follow her on Twitter @maggiejane.