Behind the Scenes in Carrie's Home Kitchen

[Photographs: Carrie Vasios Mullins]

We moved into the third apartment we saw in San Francisco, and that's in no small part thanks to this kitchen. The kitchen in the apartment we saw just before this one was about four feet square, tiled like an old locker room, and had a giant toaster oven that could hold about a 1/2 sheet pan of cookies at a time. The renter tried to convince me that this was retro-fabulous, but all I could think was that I'd let the pilot light go out and die, covered in sugar, on the Pepto-pink floor.

This kitchen was a beauty by comparison, and when we saw it I blurted out, "I love it!", probably ruining any negotiations on the rental fee. Three years on, though, I'm still happy with her. It gets a little tight when more than one person is cooking, but there is natural light and way more cabinet space than a kitchen this size deserves (which you'll see is necessary thanks to my addiction to kitchenware.)

Things not pictured in this slideshow: my multi-pound bags of AP flour, wheat flour, bread flour, cake flour, sugar, confectioners sugar, brown sugars, etc. that I use for baking. Also, my emergency stash of marshmallows.