9 Oscar Hot Dogs Inspired by the 2014 Best Picture Nominees


[Photographs: Will Levitt]

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Some people associate the Oscars with start-studded red carpets, best-dressed lists, and endless acceptance speeches. We associate it with something a little tastier—hot dogs!

Below is one hot dog for each of the films nominated for Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards. We have everything from a dog resembling Christian Bale in American Hustle to a "Hostage Sausage" for Captain Phillips to a "Money, Money, Money Dog" that even the executives in The Wolf of Wall Street might approve of.

Check them all out below and vote for your winning pick in the comments!

American Hustle: The Mob Dog


Sweet Italian Sausage, Spaghetti Toupée, Almond Shades, Dried Apple Mustache, Scallion Mouth and Tie Made from Sliced Bread, Mayo, Sriracha and Scallion
Mob Dogs know that appearances can be deceiving, and this dog pulls off the toupee just as slickly as Christian Bale, right?

Captain Phillips: The Hostage Sausage Dog


Spicy Pork Sausage Bound in Kale Chains Stranded in a Sea of Popcorn Shrimp

A sausage dog this good would no doubt be taken hostage by just about any hungry pirate. Arggghhhhh!

Dallas Buyers Club: The AIDS Awareness Dog


Texas Hot Sauce AIDS Ribbon, Assorted Pill Condiments

A south-of-the-border-spicy dog raising awareness for HIV/AIDS. Simple and delicious.

Gravity: The Zero Gravity Dog


Hot Dog Spaceship, Hot Dog Bun Wings, Moon and Stars, Sour Patch Kid Astronaut

With this dog ship about to explode (with flavor), will this sour little astronaut ever make it home alive?

Her: Artificial Intelligence Dog


Infiniti Mustard, Wires, Microchip, LED Lights

In the future, hot dogs will be much more than just hot dogs. This A.I. Dog can talk to you, solve simple math equations, and change colors. Hot as this dog may be, it is not, however, willing to be your romantic partner. It is better at satisfying hunger than satisfying emotional needs.

Nebraska: The Cornhusker Dog


Hot Dog, Corn

Anyone traveling to Nebraska knows the real takeaway isn't a million dollars—it's a chance to see the Cornhuskers sports teams at the University of Nebraska! Cornhuskers, meet your match made in Midwestern hot dog heaven.

Philomena: The Irish Dog


Irish Potatoes, Cabbage, and a Guinness

Getting to the bottom of a complex family history can be a real challenge. Getting to the bottom of this Irish dog stuffed with crispy Irish potatoes and cabbage is about as easy as it gets, especially when you can wash it all down with hearty sip of Guinness.

12 Years a Slave


Plain hot dog

The plot of 12 Years a Slave is no laughing matter, so we've decided to leave this a plain dog.

The Wolf of Wall Street: The Money, Money, Money Dog


One Dollar Bill, Pennies

We know DiCaprio likes his money on just about everything in The Wolf of Wall Street. We are guessing he likes it with his dogs just the same. Edible? Maybe not. But who's counting?

And the Oscar Dog Goes To...

Let us know which dog you think wins this year's Oscar Dogs!

Will Levitt is a Brooklyn-based food writer. For fresh thoughts served daily, follow him on Twitter @UnderEggWill. Thanks to Sarah Wolfe for her creative input on Oscar Dogs 2014.