What Are Your Favorite Croissant Hybrids (Real or Imaginary)?


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

What are crachos? No, not slang for an STI—croissant nachos! Obviously.

I should've tagged these #crashtag like Max told me to.

This is just one of many croissant hybrids we (that is, mostly Kenji and me) fervently discussed (that is, yelled to each other across the room) in the office last week after we learned about the debut of Crogels, croissant-bagel hybrids. Yes, our office is the seething hotbed of serious food discussion that other food websites can only dream of.

What are your favorite croissant hybrids, real or not? (Sounding like diseases involving intense itching and scabbing is not required, but it is funnier.)