Polenta With Winter Salad, Poached Egg, and Blue Cheese From 'Feast'


[Photograph: Yunhee Kim]



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One of my favorite dishes to make in the winter is a big bowl of polenta topped with a scoop of whatever leftover vegetables are rolling around in the fridge. Sarah Copeland seems to be of the same mind. She has four (yes, four) different recipes for polenta in her new cookbook, Feast, and I couldn't have been more pleased to try one out. For winter, she tops cheddar-filled polenta with a wilted melange of bitter greens and cherry tomatoes, a delicate poached egg, and a few crumbles of pungent blue cheese.

Why I picked this recipe: Polenta-with-toppings screams winter comfort food to me; this recipe was a no-brainer.

What worked: I had never used this cooking method for polenta, and I was surprised to find that it turned out perfectly soft and creamy.

What didn't: I would have liked a greater ratio of salad to polenta. Next time, I'll double the salad ingredients and keep the polenta portions the same.

Suggested tweaks: You could use other winter greens in place of the frisée and radicchio if you like (bitter mustard greens would be nice). Frying the egg will work if you're not a fan of poaching.

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