Game Day Eats: 24 Snacks to Feed a Team

If there was a motto for game day eating, it would be "if you can't be a star athlete who trains seven days a week, at least you can eat like one." Presenting: 24 ways to fulfill your destiny.

From takes on the usual suspects to a few new favorites that you'll want to make a part of your regular party platter rotation, we've got enough options to keep that hand-to-mouth cycle going full steam ahead. They're all fairly easy and most call for only a short list of ingredients. And on the bonus side, you'll actually wind up with a spread that your guests will stop to savor instead of stuffing themselves silly. Not that we'd ever pretend like we aren't all savage gluttons during both the on and off season, or that our signature move isn't the chip, dip, mouth, repeat. But, you know—we at least try (ahem) to keep it classy.

Check out the recipes below or see them all in the slideshow.

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