Our Favorite Edible Gifts (Omiyage) From Hawai'i

[Photographs: Kathy YL Chan]

The concept of omiyage—bringing home gifts and souvenirs to friends and family after any trip or vacation—is deeply rooted in local Hawai'i tradition. We like our gifts to be of the edible variety, and that's what we give back in return. Look around online and you'll find plenty of best-of lists, ranging from packaged goods, like local coffee beans and butter shortbreads, to the more adventurous and complicated, like roast duck and even fresh ahi poke, packaged in a cooler. Click on through the slideshow to see ten of our favorites, or jump straight to one from the line-up below. Just keep in mind that with all the bounty our islands have to offer, this list could easily go on forever—the hard part is choosing.

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