Leftovers: Eataly's Nutella Bar, Waffle House, Turnips in Space, and More


[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

Reading poorly translated packaging just never gets old. Case in point: this round-up of 25 humorously-titled food items. —Niki Achitoff-Gray, Associate Editor

There's great storytelling and fascinating history in this piece from Matt Lee and Ted Lee looking back at the history of Madeira in Charleston, South Carolina.—Maggie Hoffman, Drinks and Senior Editor

Eataly Chicago just one-upped its New York counterpart in a big way: it's getting a Nutella bar where you can order "little snacks" with Nutella like crepes and toast. If I lived in Chicago, I might actually stop by Eataly to try this. (Once, before I panicked and ran from the crowds). On an unrelated note, I don't think I trust home cooks with this. —Carrie Vasios, Sweets Editor

So it turns out the Waffle House Twitter account is pretty funny, including this update from yesterday: "Pancakes don't exist." Waffles > pancakes. —Max Falkowitz, NY Editor

Um... has anyone heard of Tips for Jesus? Apparently, a random person has been traveling around the country leaving insanely large tips. In Chicago, he or she left a $3,000 tip at the Boundary and a cool $5,000 at Paris Club. You can follow the insanity on Instagram. —Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor

Someone's Thanksgiving dinner was invaded by an army of lil' pandas. Hehehehe. —Robyn Lee, Art Director/AHT Editor

Great headline belies exciting developments in SPACE: "NASA Will Grow Basil and Turnips on the Moon." —Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor

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