Gift Guide: Grilling Gadgets


Grilling is big business, and there seems to be a gadget to perform every task you can dream of on the grill. Being a grilling minimalist, I find so many of these frivolously and see no need to have them or gift them. The little guide I compiled here are a lot of (mostly) honest grilling accessories and gadgets that almost all outdoor cooks would love to own, if they don't already. From the small set of sturdy extra-long tongs, to the large KettlePizza Pro kit, there's a grilling gadget to elicit a smile from any backyard chef.

Grill Press


Grill-pressed sandwiches have become a favorite of mine. I've been cooking them so much that I should really upgrade from my foil wrapped bricks to a grill press more fit for the job. Sturdy cast iron construction makes this press one that should last a lifetime and it has the weight and heat retention needed to handle most grill-pressing tasks.

16" Tongs


A great pair of tongs are an indispensable tool for grilling. Extra long tongs, like this 16" pair from OXO, are perfect for grilling, where keeping a safe distance from a scorching fire is key.

Chimney Starter


If you know someone still lighting a fire with lighter fluid, a chimney starter is a great gift to politely tell them to stop. Just add a piece of newspaper in the bottom, dump some charcoal in the top, light, and you'll have a fire ready to use in 20 to 30 minutes. This model from Weber is made to last and has a large capacity that makes it stand out from the competition.

Branding Iron


Ok, so I threw in one pretty impractical gadget, but a branding iron where you can set your own type—that's pretty sweet.

Weber Gourmet BBQ System


A grill grate with a removable center disc seems like an oddity, but it's actually quite useful. You can nestle a wok into the middle for optimal wok performace, or switch it out with a crosshatched cast iron grate or a griddle to expand what can be cooked on your grill.



A chimney starter is a great way to get a fire started, but to further satisfy those pyro tendencies, there's nothing quite like a blowtorch. Pitmasters love a torch connected to a large tank of propane to quickly get a batch of coals going, but this downsized version is a little more practical, using cans of camping fuel instead.

Meat Injector


Meat injectors are serious business at barbecue competitions. It seems like every pitmaster is injecting every piece of meat from chicken to brisket to pump as much flavor and moisture into their barbecue as possible. For that type of big task, an appropriate tool is required, which is where The SpitJack Magnum comes in.

Weber Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie


The single greatest grilling gift I've ever gotten was the Weber rotisserie attachment. You may not realize you need it, but once you have it, you'll never be able to live without it. Slowly rotating meat self bastes and cooks evenly to create delectable chickens, ribs, gyros, and so much more.

KettlePizza Serious Eats Edition Kit


After a patient wait until the KettlePizza reached its full potential, I finally got one this summer, and boy did it ever live up to the hype. Reaching temperature upwards of 900°F, it transforms a kettle grill into a pizza cooker with a performance that comes close to traditional brick ovens. Serious Eaters have probably read all about this gadget already, so isn't it time you get one for the pizza lover in your family, or better yet, as the ultimate gift to yourself.

BBQ Boat


I know the feeling all too well, simultaneously trying to figure out what to get the griller who has everything and also wondering the best way to spend that extra $50k just laying around. For anyone else suffering a similar predicament, your prayers have been answered with the barbecue dining boat.