From the Archives: Crown Roast of Pork

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[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

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Do you ever come across one of those days where you shower like normal in the morning,* sit down to work, then an hour later, feel like you need to shower again even though you haven't done anything worth showering for? I'm convinced that those days are what happens when an overabundance of recently-consumed pork fat is trying to make its way back out of your body to wherever it is that pork fat all ends up.

*and by "shower like normal" in my case I mean "take an hour long bath while you answer emails."

What I'm saying is, I certainly love me some porchetta, but even I've got to admit that sometimes all of that richness and intense pork fat can be a little overwhelming. So what to do for a festive holiday centerpiece that has a more reasonable fat content but is still mega juicy, delicious, and, yes, porky? The crown roast of pork.


Essentially composed of a series of pork chops all strung together into a pretty crown, it's the best pork option for those who prefer their pork a little leaner and like meat with a distinct chew and texture.

Take a quick gander over at the process here, or jump straight to the recipe if you don't need any more convincing.