Check Out the Serious Eats Holiday Guide!


Getting ready for the holidays? Yep, us too. You may have noticed some gift guides, giveaways, and seasonally-appropriate salty nut pies kicking around the site these past few days, and now we're proud to unveil the Serious Eats Holiday Guide. It's your one-stop shop for all things holiday-related, from recipes to taste-tests to shopping guides and more.

Looking for the perfect gift? We can help with that, whether you're looking for essential pots and pans or speciality coffee (and pretty much anything in between). See all of our gift guides right here.

Planning on entertaining? Before you start drawing up your shopping lists, see what we've got to say about everything from the best brand of chocolate chip for your cookie to the tastiest eggnong in our Holiday Taste Tests page.

And once you are ready to get cooking, check out our many recipes and how-to's—maybe you're looking for main courses to feed a crowd, side dishes to round the table out, or festive snacks for a party—whatever it is, we've got you covered.

And of course, in keeping with the holiday spirit, we have drink recipes for everything from colorful punches to warm drinks to cocktails (plus, wine and beer). And because the holidays wouldn't be the holidays without plenty of sweets (at least as far as we're concerned), we've got recipes for classic cookies, cakes, and pies, straight this way.

Check out everything in the Serious Eats Holiday Guide!

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