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Thanks for the pet pics. Needed the fix.

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I see Kenji….how can there be no dogs with him?! …le sigh… Love the readers’ pet pics tho!

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\nthis is gray cat. \ud83d\ude42 (yes, that’s his actual name.)

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this is gray cat. \ud83d\ude42 (yes, that’s his actual name.)


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I didn’t know we could put pictures in the comments! Awesome!

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Pet pics! They’re all so precious! This is why I love SE-ers. \ud83d\ude42


Also, I’m insanely jealous of the homemade chopped liver.

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also, that vodka/chamomile/honey/prosecco drink sounds gooooooood.

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The bubble above gray cat reads, ” Inquiring minds want to know!”

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@Teachertalk – we have a loft-style bedroom upstairs, and i was looking up there from the first floor… and who do i see but gray cat, coming to investigate! i love the tilted head thing that cats and dogs do, i’m so glad i got a picture of him doing it. (also love when cats lie down with their paws crossed in front of them.)

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Congrats to Yvonne and Maria. I like ordering cookbooks using a link from this site, knowing a bit of my money helps keep SE going! I hope you get a percentage of books ordered through Amazon on every link– including This Week at SEHQ– since I just used one!

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Yes–I want some of that tub o’liver and pickled red onions. And I love the pet pics from other commenters.

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I want to post a picture too! But I can’t figure out how…?

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With the Vine, I cut and paste the “embed” link, and I’m assuming the others cut and paste a JPG link. Someone else correct me if that’s wrong! I’d love to see more pets…

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