Leftovers: Female Chef Controversy, Food Illustrations, and More


[Photograph: Nonomella on Tumblr]

Some fun food-centric art on Internet this week. I'm especially enjoying the Jorge Redondo slideshow and interview on First We Feast and these "last supper" notebook illustrations. Also, who could say no to an edible life-sized Johnny Depp in full Pirates of the Caribbean regalia? —Niki Achitoff-Gray, Associate Editor

Last week, Time magazine put out a feature on the Gods of Food, a series of articles on 60-some-odd empire-building chefs who the magazine thinks are influencing and leading cuisine today. Beyond the statistical problems with the article (How do you measure "influence?" Why are the only candidates for godhood in the food world chefs?) and its general bombast (I typed "gods of" into Google and found the autocomplete results "Egypt, war, Gotham, and death." Sure, let's stick "food" right in there.), some folks had the temerity to point out that this culinary Mount Olympus was basically a bunch of white dudes. Actually it was all dudes, not a single woman deified.

So this is old news, but if you haven't read Eater's interview with Time's food editor Howard Chua-Eoan about the story, or Amanda Cohen's scathing takedown of the clusterfuck, I'd recommend doing so, if only to come across the incredible phrase "human centipede of journalism." But now that the dust has settled there are two new pieces, just out today, also worth your attention: the New York Times' Room for Debate feature asking leading female chefs about underrepresented women in food media, and Eater's latest piece on the question of gender bias in food journalism. Both stories ask the real hard question: so what should we do about all of this? — Max Falkowitz, NY Editor

Bon Appetit posted a video on how to saber a champagne bottle. Having actually seen this done in person on multiple occasions (don't ask) I can vouch that the saber-ers say it's not as hard as it looks. Personally I still have to master the uncorking-without-exploding move so...baby steps. —Carrie Vasios, Sweets Editor

This is an interesting piece on a project to improve food programs in the San Francisco public school district. It includes rethinking why kids don't eat lunch, why they go off-campus for junk food, etc. How can you keep kids healthier (and boost what they're learning) by encouraging them to eat? Make cafeterias cooler and more personal, build an app so kids can pre-order and rate meal options. Could work. — Maggie Hoffman, Drinks Editor

Every year Michelin plans to release its Chicago guide at a specific time, and just about every year someone leaks the info early. It's kind of a tradition. A few years ago, someone on Yelp managed to snag a copy. This year, the Sun-Times scheduled a post for the a.m. instead of p.m. (Hey, happens to the best of us.) So if you really, really can't wait until this evening to see which restaurants kept their stars, go ahead and click here. —Nick Kindelsperger, Serious Eats Chicago Editor

This young woman teaching English in China made a Powerpoint presentation about regional/iconic American foods for a lesson and posted her students' reactions. It's adorable and hilarious. (They picked up the difference between New York-style pizza and Chicago-style pizza quickly. NY: "Yes! This is pizza." Chicago: "Ew no." J/K guys don't kill me oh god.) —Robyn Lee, AHT Editor/Chief Doodler

Peter Hoffman demystifying (and exalting) the quince in Edible Manhattan has inspired me to pick some up from Locust Grove Fruit Farm tomorrow morning at the market. —Ben Fishner, Ad Ops Admin

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