One-Pot Wonders: Turkey and Squash Tacos With Sriracha


[Photographs: Yasmin Fahr]

Whether you're hosting a friendsgiving, tired of roast turkey, or happen to be one of those people who love cooking turkey year-round, this is a great dish that comes together quickly and is packed with flavor from an impromptu mole-style sauce.

Traditionally, moles are long-simmering and consist of ingredients like dark chocolate, cinnamon, and spices. But given our goal of quick dinners with minimal effort and major results, we've come up with sloppy joe-type taco, complete with a simplified rendition of mole sauce that's guaranteed to having you going back for seconds.

To cut down on time, I decided to use store-bought ingredients already packed with flavor—namely canned chipotles, peanut butter (in lieu of almonds or sesame), a pre-mixed chili powder (instead of cumin, oregano, and cayenne), and a bit of cocoa. A finishing squeeze of lime juice adds that necessary hit of acidity.

The order of cooking might seem a little off-kilter—we cook the squash first to get some color on it and then add the onions to give the overall dish more flavor and sweetness. We'll continue from there by adding the spices, garlic, peanut butter, and hot peppers, until we get to the ground turkey, which cooks the fastest. Served on toasted tacos, you've got a dinner that cooked in less than 10 minutes.

We're not saying it's traditional in any sense of the word, but it is fun and tasty, which is alright by us.

About the Author: Yasmin Fahr is a food lover, writer, and cook. Follow her @yasminfahr for more updates on her eating adventures and discoveries, which will most likely include tomatoes. And probably feta. Happy eating!

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