Scenes From Meatopia 2013, San Antonio, TX

[Photographs: Nick Solares]

This year, Meatopia eschewed its New York City roots and headed straight for Texas. Hungry masses and an impressive roster of chefs gathered in San Antonio on Sunday for Josh Ozersky's celebrated meat-centric festival.

It would be hard to argue against turning this year's location into the event's annual home base. As we've seen on more than one occasion, food festivals are fraught with peril in NYC, due to logistical challenges and the vagaries of inclement weather. Indeed, last year's Meatopia was the victim of a storm of biblical proportions. The one before that was hit with a massive heatwave. But in San Antonio, picture-perfect blue skies and 75° weather set the perfect stage for this year's orgy of meat.

Josh Ozersky outdid himself this time around, pulling together an impressive cadre of chefs and sponsors. The event was held at the Pearl Brewery; the adjacent Culinary Institute of America's kitchens served as the ideal staging and prep area. In total, 32 chefs from around the country cooked beef, veal, pork, lamb, and more, serving 'em up from nose to tail. But perhaps the biggest star was the city of San Antonio, which provided visitors with a warm welcome and an intoxicating exuberance.

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