Check out the Winning Recipes From Our 'My Milk Toof' Book Giveaway

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[Photographs: Inhae Lee]

In our recent giveaway for My Milk Toof: The Adventures of ickle and Lardee 2 (which is on sale now) by Inhae Lee, we asked Serious Eats readers to come up with recipes they thought ickle and Lardee (the cute lil' teeth in the photo above) would love to eat for the chance to win a copy of the book, plus a bonus photo of the recipe made by Inhae. We had planned on only picking one winner, but the entries were so good that we chose two.

Congratulations to KariBeth and Tipsykit37 for their winning recipes! Check out the recipes and photos below.

ickle Pickles by KariBeth


Start with cucumbers sliced into a jar. (Oh, we have no cucumbers. But we have lots of zucchini! They look just the same. And cucumbers make Lardie burp anyway) Add some sugar. (Maybe a little more.) Add some salt. (Well, since it looks the same as sugar, just add more sugar) Add mustard seeds, (Do we have any? No? Let's add some mustard instead) Celery seeds, (If seeds are good, a whole celery stalk will be even better!) Peppercorns, (Is that peppers or corn? How about a little of each to be on the safe side.) And garlic (Keeps the vampires away!). Cover with vinegar. (Oh dear, vinegar wears away toofs! Milk is much better for strong, healthy toofs! Let's add a bit of milk instead. Maybe ickle can pour it into the jar.
Carefully, carefully...)

Oh my, the last ingredient seems to be one ickle, fallen into the jar (and looking a little bit "green")!

...and that is how you make "ickle Pickles."

Rainbow Sandwich by Tipsykit37


1 piece of red twizzlers 1 Dorito 1 banana 1 pea pod 1 ball of blue cotton candy 1 eggplant Pile everything up...try to put the bigger things on the bottom.