We Need Your Help With the Best Thanksgivukkah Recipes!


Next month, for the first time since 1888 and the last time until approximately 79811, the world* will celebrate Thanksgivukkah, the greatest holiday mashup ever. What's Thanksgivukkah, you ask? Only a (literally) once-in-a-lifetime convergence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, which are happening on the same day this year.

*Okay, the whole world is an overstatement, but at least part of it!

You may be wondering how such an incredible event is even possible. In short, the starting date of Hanukkah, which changes every year, is dictated by a Hebrew calendar, while Thanksgiving is scheduled by the Gregorian calendar. This year, the two holidays happen to line up, thus producing almighty Thanksgivukkah.

But enough about the logistics. Let's get to the real reason Thanksgivukkah is so great —the food. The holiday presents some opportunities for serious cross-cultural feasting, and that's when things get really fun. Next week, we're squaring off against our pals at Food52 for a little (friendly) competition to see who can create the best Thanksgivukkah dish, à la last year's great Cherpumple-off.

This is where you come in: we need your help brainstorming recipe ideas. Your creation can be a main, side, or dessert, so long as it combines some edible element of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, and of course, tastes delicious. Think turkey with latke stuffing, Manischewitz-infused cranberry sauce, sweet potato and marshmallow sufganiyot, and oh so much more.

We'll be cooking next week and posting the results on November 4, then letting you decide who takes the cake, or in this case, pumpkin-gelt pie. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and stay tuned for more!

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