Sunday Brunch: Scrambled Egg and Tomato Pita

Sunday Brunch

How to make the best meal of the week even better.

Editor's note: Each Saturday morning we bring you a Sunday Brunch recipe. Why on Saturday? So you have time to shop and prepare for tomorrow.


[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

Eggs usually take center stage at brunch, but this quick breakfast sandwich uses soft, creamy eggs as a spread topped simply with sliced tomatoes. Cooking the eggs low and slow is essential to making this brunch shine—you're looking for a consistency somewhere between custard and mayonnaise. It might seem like a lot of work for scrambled eggs but a little patience and stirring will pay off when you bite into your finished sandwich.

While this would work with toast or an english muffin, there's something about pita that makes this sandwich stand out. The fresh, bright tomatoes, tender eggs, and delicate pita combine for a delightfully satisfying start to your day.