Leftovers: Zombie Restaurants, South Dakota Wines, Sandy Stories, and More


Is that wine from South Dakota, perchance? [Photograph: Jesse757 on Flickr ]

Wine is great with cheese—except when it's not. Meg Houston Maker explores the finer points of pairing, and why the combination of the wine in your glass and the fancy cheese you bought sometimes disappoints. —Maggie Hoffman, Senior and Drinks Editor

Wine? In South Dakota? I was immediately grabbed by the title of this article. Sure, that title is a little misleading—the number of wineries has only jumped from 15 to 25, and yeah, they say that the wine uh, isn't that great. So while this is a little puff piece-y, I like that it stands up for the idea that wine tasting doesn't have to be about sampling the best wine-- it's just a fun thing to do. I'd go wine tasting in South Dakota. Sounds awesome. —Carrie Vasios, Sweets Editor

Lula Cafe loves Halloween. How else can you explain why it's transformed into some unholy restaurant concept each of the last few years? There was Zombie Doug's (with Doug Sohn from Hot Doug's as host), the Violent Hour (with the crew from The Violet Hour), and Taco Hell (which kind of explains itself). I don't know for sure what this year's theme will be, but this teaser video from the restaurant seems to show that it will be House of Human, which may be a cannibalistic version of House of Hunan. Regardless, I am intrigued. —Nick Kindelsperger, Editor of Serious Eats Chicago

McDonald's is ditching Heinz ketchup completely. Most US locations already use an alternative, but overseas Heinz fans are now SOL. —Max Falkowitz, NY Editor

I love dim sum, but I know next to nothing about tea served during dim sum. If you're like me, this video guide to dim sum tea (from one of my favorite YouTube channels Off the Great Wall) might be up your alley. I'll pay more attention to tea next time I go out for dim sum...if I'm not totally distracted by the onslaught of dim sum carts. —Robyn Lee, AHT Editor/Chief Doodler

If you're in for a delightfully scathing exposé on the juicing/cleansing craze and, um, certain walks of life, look no further than New York Magazine's Juice Heads: How the Newest Liquid-Nutrition Cultists are Mastering Their Intestines. Regardless of your juice alliances, it makes for a pretty entertaining read. —Niki Achitoff-Gray, Associate Editor

On the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy in NYC, Bedford + Bowery talks to two of my favorite food and drink providers from storm-ravaged Red Hook, Brooklyn: Steve Tarpin of Steve's Key Lime Pies and Sunny Balzano of Sunny's bar. It's a tough read, but an important one, and while you're at it, check out a full year of SE:NY Sandy coverage, too. —Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor