Video: Mooncake Guide from Off the Great Wall


The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up soon on September 19, and you know what that means: IT'S MOONCAKE TIME. Yes, time for this traditional Chinese delicacy of thick pucks of sweet, dense seed or nut paste with cores of salted egg yolk, wrapped in thin pastry skins imprinted with Chinese characters and intricate designs.

At least, that's the kind I grew up eating. But that version, the Cantonese version, is just one of many kinds of mooncakes, as I found out after walking this video guide to mooncakes from Off the Great Wall. In the video, host Carmen describes the wide variety of mooncakes found in different regions of China and beyond—traditional mooncakes with flaky crusts, shortbread-like crusts, and savory fillings, and non-traditional mooncakes made with glutinous rice, gelatin, ice cream, and more.

What's your favorite kind of mooncake?

[Video: Video: Off the Great Wall]