Sargento Invites You To Take A Real Lunch Break

Ah, the lost art of the lunch break. In offices across the country, people have traded real lunches and real breaks for canned soups and boring salads, eaten while hunched over their desks or quickly consumed on the way to the next meeting. Isn't it time to start enjoying lunch again?


Well, Sargento is encouraging people to take back the lunch hour! In this midst of the hectic day, this necessary respite helps to refuel both body and mind. Sargento has enlisted the help of lifestyle expert Martha McCully to help people find ways they can take a real lunch! Here are some of her tips:

1. Get back to nature (city parks count) 2. Exercise with a brisk walk or stretch 3. Have a real conversation with a coworker or friend 4. Experience real creativity (check out an art exhibit or start a reading list) 5. And most importantly, eat real food!

Real food means fresh-tasting and natural ingredients, like those that Sargento offers. Sargento Natural Sliced Cheeses are cut from real block cheese and add delicious flavor to sandwiches and wraps of all kinds. With over 30 varieties offered (from Ultra Thin Swiss to Deli-Style Medium Cheddar) unique combinations can be created each day to keep lunch exciting. Visit for lunch recipes and other delicious dishes, and don't forget to like Sargento on Facebook!


Join Sargento in making lunch the highlight of your day. Take back your lunch break!

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