Los Angeles Chefs Bring Their Top Game to The Taste's 'Flavors of LA'

[Photographs: Javier Cabral]

Warm weather and fantastic food welcomed guests to Saturday evening's The Taste: Flavors of LA, theatrically staged in the magical Paramount Studios movie backlot. Organized by the Los Angeles Times, it was but one of The Taste's five food events held over the three-day weekend; it was also the first to sell out, to a hungry crowd of 2,000.

Pulitzer award-winning LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold selected the majority of participating restaurants, which ranged from the wildly popular Tsujita Ramen to acclaimed pop-ups like Le Comptoir. The event's co-host was Sang Yoon, of Father's Office and Lukshon, recently made famous by his Top Chef accolades.

J Gold.jpg

Naturally, there were long lines. But despite their snaking length, they went pretty fast. When you were done stuffing your face 15 times over, or just wanted some food for thought, there was a series of cooking demonstrations by up-and-coming chefs like Bryant Ng of Spice Table, and a panel moderated by Gold himself, talking about "The Power of Pop-Ups," with heavy hitters Gary Menes (Le Comptoir), Craig Thornton (Wolvesmouth) and Nguyen Tran (Starry Kitchen).

From chilled Tokyo-style ramen to an uni and corn chawanmushi (egg custard) with bonito popcorn, see some of our favorite bites in the slideshow!