17 Recipes for Your Rosh Hashanah Feast

Tomorrow night, Jews around the world will ring in the New Year. And if your family's anything like mine, each guest will be greeted warmly with an obligatory kvetch along the lines of, "How early it is this year, Rosh Hashanah." And it's true—Rosh Hashanah does seem to have crept up on us this time around. But rather than panic, we're embracing the early New Year with some less-than-entirely-classic (or kosher, for that matter) recipes that make the best of the season. Of course, traditionalists needn't worry—we've got you covered, too. From bubbe's challah, kugel, and brisket, to some cookout-friendly twists, here are 17 recipes to kick off the Jewish New Year!

Salads and Starters


Challah and Kugel


Desserts and Drinks