Comfort Food Goes Upscale at Feast Portland's High Comfort

[Photographs: Jay Friedman]

As in 2012, Feast Portland wound down in style with the High Comfort event, which challenged chefs to push comfort food out of the comfort zone.

The result: A large number of dishes showcasing offal, such as sweetbreads, trotters, bone marrow, heart, and heavy use of foie gras. Seemingly familiar items like hot dogs, meatballs, pho, and porridge were elevated with unusual ingredients and techniques—even ice cream benefitted from a porky twist.

Crowds lined up to taste dishes from Michael Voltaggio, April Bloomfield, and Andrew Carmellini (who happened to serve my three favorite dishes of the night), but there were plenty of hometown heroes offering surprises to sample.

Check out all 20 of the High Comfort bites in the slideshow above.