Cereal Eats: Do You Cook Or Bake With Cereal?

Cereal Eats

Breakfastime musings about cereal.


Hola there, Cereal Eaters, I'm looking to get your input today. I've been thinking: why don't we talk about cereal recipes more often? Yes, we all love Rice Krispies Treats, but surely there's got to be another "Great Cereal Idea" out there? I must admit, the most creative I've ever gotten was making the quick microwave version of marshmallow cereal treats using Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Here's a few goodies from the Serious Eats recipe archives.

I'm fascinated by savory cereal recipes as well. When I was at General Mills HQ, I had some very tasty chicken fingers breaded in Wheaties. I've heard Cap'n Crunch is a popular coating as well.

But I want to know, what kind of things do you make with cereal? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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