Video: Butter-Poached Dishwasher Lobster with The Sporkful and Food Curated


We love a good cooking hack (or six) around these parts. So when Dan Pashman, the man behind The Sporkful podcast (and noted tortilla chip innovator), and Liza de Guia, the filmmaker behind Food. Curated, got together in Pashman's kitchen for a little dishwasher cooking action, we put down our sandwiches and took notice.

With the aid simple of Ball jars, sous vide bags, and tinfoil, the intrepid duo cooks everything from Korean beef bulgogi to s'mores in a dishwasher on heavy-duty mode, which tops out at 140 degrees. Not everything is a success (de Guia estimates that "less than 25% of our total attempts were actually edible"), but the butter-poached lobster, a take on Thomas Keller's classic recipe, looks pretty decent! Check it out in the video below, and if you're planning to try this one at home, here's everything you need to know about buying a lobster.