Meet The Serious Eats Magazine Chicken Grilling Issue


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I have to admit it. I was one of those serious eaters grilling chicken and screwing it up until Serious Eats grilling gurus Josh and Kenji smartened me up. Their savvy advice has saved my bacon (or should I say chicken) more times than I can count. So when we struck on the idea of devoting the entire second issue of the new Serious Eats Magazine to grilling chicken, I thought it was genius.

What will you find inside of our handsomely designed new issue? Answers to the most vexing questions that have been stymying backyard grillers for generations: how to cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts on the grill without drying them out; the best kitchen shears for breaking down whole chickens; what kind of bottled barbecue sauce to buy in a pinch, and more.


This is the kind of information that's been saving my cookouts since Josh and Kenji started writing about grilling, and it's all available now in one elegant, easy to navigate place on your iPhone or iPad (Android users, we hope to have a version out for you in the future). The issue is designed to maximize your cooking and eating enjoyment, all with trademark Serious Eats humor and thoroughness, and a focus on the passionate and inclusive coverage you've come to know us for.

So whether you're a longtime serious eater or a newcomer to our merry band of food lovers, we want you to have the best chicken grilling experience possible. Download the issue here, and if you really like it (which we hope you do!), sign on to receive future issues at a rate of $19.99 for a yearly subscription, $1.99 per month for a recurring monthly, or $2.99 for individual issues. You, your family. and your dinner guests won't be sorry. We promise.

Download the magazine now!