Leftovers: Stray Links From Our Editors


Seasonal produce: it's a thing [Photograph: Ben Fishner]

I like this piece from the New York Times about thinking about the timeline of your produce's growing season. Some people may roll their eyes (more seasonal bs to think about?) but it's just plain true. Early summer versus late summer tomatoes are a great example. In short: use your tomatoes now! —Carrie Vasios, Sweets Editor

A public service announcement from BrooklynGuy that it's risky to leave bottles of good wine under your bed in the summer. My own reminder: don't leave wine in the trunk of your car, even for an hour, unless you intend to cook it. —Maggie Hoffman, Senior and Drinks Editor

I was just reading this pretty comprehensive guide to saving time and money on food preparation. It's got a lot of great advice from shopping to cooking to storage. Oh, and I'm also reading this absurdist take on a Chris Kimball editors' letter. It's brilliant and super weird! — Ben Fishner, Ad Ops Admin

During his stint as the brewmaster at Goose Island, Jared Rouben developed some of my favorite beers, so I'm psyched to see he's finally opening his own place, Moody Tongue Brewing Company. According to the Chicago Tribune, the brewery will focus on "culinary brewing," incorporating "classical cooking methodologies and techniques to incorporate ingredients into beer aside from malt, yeast, hops and water." —Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor

Michele Humes is one of my favorite food writers, and I'm loving her latest posts about her recent trip to Paris. Now I know what the most perverse restaurant in Paris is (a chain that specializes in steamed food...steamed food!) and where to get a most fine lemon tart, among other things I wish I were eating right now. —Robyn Lee, AHT Editor

Bill Clinton is a vegan, and apparently doing it right, good for him! Is it just me, or do politicians true natures only ever come out after they're out of office? —Kenji Lopez-Alt, Chief Creative Officer

I've been doing some reading into the decline and fall of the New York hot dog and came across this piece in the New York Times from 2007. It tracks the demographic shifts that underlie the changes in New York's street cart trade, and goes a long way to explain why chicken and rice is as or more popular than hot dogs these days. —Max Falkowitz, NY Editor

It's a well-known fact that I hate mayonnaise, but I still sort of love this sweet like Southern Foodways Alliance story about the small legion of Duke's Mayonnaise fans who express their devotion through capital-A Art....Mayo Art. —Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor

I've always known that New Yorkers do it right (yes, yes, I'm from New York. Cut me some slack). Now, at long last, there's irrefutable proof, 18th century style.—Niki Achitoff-Gray