Check Out Food52's New Provisions Site!


[Photograph: James Ransom]

Our friends over at Food52 have just launched their new shop, Provisions. They've long been one of our favorite sources for user-generated, pro-tested recipes, tips, and techniques, and the new site pairs their content with a carefully curated on-line shop. It's designed to bring their community together with small-scale designers and artisans they admire.

In the new shop you'll find things like themed product collections paired with related recipes and how-tos from the site (think: jam jars paired with jam recipes or cocktail shakers paired with cocktails), and 20% off deals on exclusive and one-of-a-kind products. In true Food52 style, they've also engaged the passions of their reader-base by naming "Provisions Scouts," a group of active Pinterest users and Food52 community members tasked with creating inspiration boards around themed collections of goods.

Poking through the collections, for now the selection seems slightly limited (for instance, the only knives offered are for shellfish and most of the cookware is ceramic), but what is there is all high quality and very pretty. I'm interested to see where they take the concept down the line.

As part of their launch, they're also offering $10 off to your first purchase of $50 or more.

What about you? Do you like the concept of curated product collections for online shopping?