Beyond Curry: Chutney Sandwiches

Beyond Curry

Inspired Indian home cooking.

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This green sandwich chutney is mildly spiced and slightly piquant, the perfect spread for a quick vegetable or shredded chicken sandwich. [Photograph: Prasanna Sankhe]

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If you're feeling a little peckish, there's nothing like a quick chutney sandwich to instantly give you a lift. The chutney here is a blend of fresh ingredients and spices that keeps well for at least four days, so it's ready to whip into snack perfection on demand.

This type of green chutney is a popular condiment in most homes, where it's commonly used as a spread, dip, or spicy accompaniment to dishes like puri-bhaaji ( a deep-fried bread and potato preparation). You can add whatever filling you like to your sandwich—fresh vegetables, a little shredded chicken, or even mashed potatoes.