A Sandwich a Day: Sun Street Bread's Basic Biscuit Plus in Minneapolis

A Sandwich a Day

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Sun Street Bread's Basic Biscuit Plus (with added mustard greens). [Photograph: Elizabeth Bomze]



Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

Last month, some friends and I took a crack-of-dawn flight to Minneapolis to surprise a friend for her birthday. Before the big reunion, her husband treated us to breakfast at Sun Street Breads. Besides rustic loaves and pastries, the cheery cafe is known for its biscuits, many of which get split and transformed into breakfast sandwiches—indulgent breakfast sandwiches, loaded with everything from eggs to fried chicken to sausage gravy. I got a relatively low-profile number, a variation on the Basic Biscuit Plus ($6.50) that included an over-easy egg, a sausage patty, cheese, and (per my request) blanched mustard greens, the faint bitterness of which balanced out all those rich components.

A side note: Each table is outfitted with a squeeze bottle of excellent raspberry jam. If you don't get a second biscuit (or piece of toast) specifically for the jam, be sure to pull off a piece from your sandwich for a bit of dessert.