Skillet Suppers: Halibut with Charred Corn Salad


[Photographs: Yasmin Fahr]

With the heat of summer in full swing, it's hard to want to cook a lot in the kitchen. Turning on the stove—let alone the oven—only adds to the intense heat looming outside and seeping into your home. Or maybe that's just my insanely hot New York City apartment. Regardless, this quick dish is perfect for nights when you want something a little more substantial than the no-cook salads and sandwiches you've been making.

In addition to embracing light and healthy fish, this recipe takes advantage of fresh summer vegetables in the form of a simple charred corn salad flavored with tomatoes, jalapeños, and mint. You can skip the charring of the corn if you want to cut down on cooking time, but it does add a nice smoky flavor. And, if the combination of fish and cheese doesn't bother you, then a little crumbled feta makes a great, tangy addition to the salad.

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