Sauced: Basil and Parmesan Mayonnaise


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[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

Unless I'm outdoors grilling, I try to avoid the use of excess heat while cooking during the oppressively hot days of summer. This leads to more sandwiches and salads than usual in my diet, and I'm always looking for ways to make those more delicious and inspiring.

That's where this basil and parmesan mayo comes in. It's quick to put together—basil, parmesan, anchovies, and garlic are pureed in a food processor along with the standard mayo ingredients of egg yolk, lemon juice, and Dijon mustard; then an emulsion is formed by slowly drizzling in a combo of regular and extra-virgin olive oils.

A few minutes of work later, a full-flavored mayo is born, one whose fresh basil mixes with the nutty and salty parmesan to create a creamy, robust mayo that can instantly do a lot of the heavy lifting in a salad dressing or on a sandwich. Spread this on rustic white bread with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, and you have and quick, refreshing summer sandwich that's perfect on a scorching day.