Cereal Eats: Reviewing Four New Cereals on Supermarket Shelves


It's time for a roundup of some of the latest cereals hitting the shelves! I will note that NYC is sometimes a bit lacking on its supermarket cereal selections, meaning I'm sure I'm missing out on tons of new and exciting cereals. So if there's a new cereal you are particularly diggin', let me know!

Hershey's Cookies n Crème

20130716-25956-new-cereals-round-up-cookies.jpg I'm so utterly excited about this cereal I have to talk about it first. This cereal is a follow up to my beloved Reese's Puffs. Now, I'm not usually a big white chocolate person, but Hershey's Cookies n Crème is one of my favorite candy bars of all time. Something about the way those nubbly little chocolate kernels stud the creamy, dense bar of white chocolate is just SO RIGHT. (Side note: I hate the words stud and creamy but absolutely had to make an exception to talk about this bar). The cereal itself is delicious. The mix of chocolate and vanilla puffs, with some sort of wonderful creamy coating. My only complaint is that it tastes nothing like the candy bar. I know it's really just "inspired by" Hershey's Cookies and Crème but my wild love for the candy blinded me. I would happily dig into this cereal anytime—it's even more delicious in milk.

Vanilla Chex

20130716-25956-new-cereals-round-up-vanillachex.jpg Unlike other cereals, nearly every variation of Chex is good, and this version is no exception. I love when a cereal gives some attention to vanilla, a flavor that usually takes the backseat. Much like Chocolate Chex, there is a very pleasant coating that reminds one of Puppy Chow or some other Chex Mix-esque treat. It gives the cereal decadence, if you will, without being too sugary. This one really shines in milk, swirling with shiny sweet vanilla rivers in your bowl. Another winner for Chex.

Kashi GOLEAN - Vanilla Graham Clusters

20130716-cereal-kashi.png And here we have another vanilla cereal! Some of you may know my history with Kashi. It was one of my only cereal friends during my childhood, so I needed a huge break from it in my teen and college years. In my later 20's, GOLEAN and I have been having a renaissance. This variety in particular is quite nice. It's pretty much your standard GOLEAN, with the Vanilla Graham-ness of it adding a sweetness that makes it exciting but just enough so that you still remember it's, well, Kashi. I'm not normally a bananas in my cereal kinda gal (that's a whole other conversation), but somehow the bananas, milk, and cereal combo on the front of this box is just working for me.

Nature Valley Protein Crunchy Granola

20130716-25956-new-cereals-round-up-proteinchocolate.jpg Ah, Nature Valley bars. The font alone conjures fond memories of middle school. This cereal pays homage to one of the Nature Valley Bar's most telling traits: the fact that it crumbles into a million pieces if you even look at it. But contrary to the rage one feels when encountering the product is in bar form, it's perfect in granola form. In fact, it's almost as if Nature Valley bars were supposed to be cereal all along. I tend to stay away from talking about granola in this column because that's just one can of worms I'm not ready to open. But I'm making an exception because of the novelty factor. This granola is a trip down memory lane—and reminded me how much I loved Nature Valley bars. This cereal is absolutely delicious. That specific, familiar naturevalleyflavor is in there, and it's darn good. The dark chocolate doesn't hurt either. This is a dangerous little bag.

Any other new cereals I should be after?