Bánh Mì with Pickled Japanese Turnips from 'Little Jars, Big Flavors'


[Photograph: Ellen Silverman]

A recipe for bánh mì sandwiches is certainly not the first thing I'd expect from a Southern cookbook. Yet the sandwich doesn't feel out of place in a book as full of pickles as Southern Living's Little Jars, Big Flavors. Instead of using a mix of shredded pickled carrot and daikon, this particular bánh mì makes use of pickled turnips with shiso. On the sandwich, the small pieces of spicy, lemony turnips contrast delightfully with the soy-slicked pork cutlets and rich liverwurst mayonnaise, adding brightness and a bit of crunch. Thinly sliced cucumbers, cilantro, and jalapeños round things out. Between the optional lettuce and hoisin on the pork, this bánh mì doesn't taste particularly Vietnamese, but it is a darn good sandwich, authenticity be damned.

Why I picked this recipe: I wanted to make at least one recipe using some of my preserved bounty, so why not bánh mì sandwiches?

What worked: While I wouldn't go so far as to claim this sandwich as an authentic bánh mì, it was an excellent sandwich with well-balanced crunch, sweetness, and spice.

What didn't: I had no desire to bring out my food processor to mix the liver-mayo spread. A fork works just as well and is less of a pain to clean.

Suggested tweaks: If you can't get your hands on liverwurst, you can use a similar amount of paté. You could also substitute chicken cutlets for the pork if you'd like. A little drizzle of the pork sauce is also a nice touch to the final sandwich.

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