British Bites: Welsh Rarebit and Bacon-Roasted Tomatoes on Cheddar Beer Bread


[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

There's a moment when inspiration strikes, and last weekend inspiration struck one of our readers. Lookmanospaces suggested using the Bacon Onion Cheddar Beer Bread posted last Saturday in the Sunday Brunch column as the base for a rarebit. And who are we to disregard that kind of brilliance.

A few softly blistered cherry tomatoes roasted with bacon and thyme make the ideal accompaniment to this savory rarebit. If you're looking for a more filling meal, try topping the rarebit with a runny fried egg, and, as always, serve this light lunch with a cold pint of whatever beer you use to make the dish. A big thank you to Lookmanospaces for sharing a fantastic idea. Keep 'em coming!

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Welsh Rarebit on Bacon Cheddar Bread with Bacon Roasted Tomatoes ยป