Market Scene: Yamashiro Farmers Market, Hollywood

[Photograph: Clarissa Wei]

The Yamashiro Farmers Market is awfully romantic. Perched directly beneath the Asian restaurant of the same name in the Hollywood Hills, the market boasts one of the most beautiful views in Los Angeles.

"The obvious distinction between the Yamashiro farmers market and other farmers markets is the fact that we take place at night, have a full service bar, live entertainment, and the greatest views of Hollywood anywhere in the city," said Nick Spano, the founder of the market.

Opened in 2010, the market currently has 25 vendors. "Heirloom LA, which sells lasagna cupcakes, is always a favorite," Spano said. "We also have a great vegan almond spread called Simply Conscious Foods, and people love Dolce Monacelli and their Italian rum cakes."

Sure, there's also produce from neighboring farms, but prepared foods, the gorgeous view, the music, and the fully-stocked bar are often the biggest draws at this particular market. There's a shuttle service at the parking lot of the Mosaic Church that runs every 15 minutes from 5 to 9:15pm. Valet parking is free and the white-clad shuttle vans are always pumping music, setting the tone before guests even arrive.

Grab an Asian-inspired cocktail at the Pagoda bar by the pool, bite into a Polish kielbasa, and spend the rest of evening chatting the night away.

The market runs Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. through September.

Yamashiro Farmers Market

1999 N Sycamore Ave., Hollywood, CA 90068(map) 323-466-5125