Los Angeles: We Tried Every Taco at the Tacolandia Taco Festival

[Photographs: Paul Bartunek]

Last Sunday saw the first annual Tacolandia Taco Festival, a celebration of the best of Los Angeles' booming taco culture. Of course, there were a few notable out-of-towners from San Diego, Tijuana, and beyond, but most of the tacos were brought to life right here in L.A. The roster of invited taqueros came directly from the brain of Bill Esparza, perhaps the most knowledgeable taco man west of the Mississippi; the festival itself ran out of the Hollywood Palladium, courtesy of LA Weekly. There were tequila tents, a mariachi band, plenty of Jarritos to drink, and more than a few sponsor booths selling refried beans (or overnight packages to Hustler Casino), but the event was sold out for one reason, and one reason only: tacos.

With that in mind—and a hungry stomach to boot—I set out to try all of the tacos at Tacolandia. So, without further ado, here is every single one of the tacos you could have had at Sunday's Tacolandia festival in Hollywood. If you feel like you really missed out, just remember that there's always next year.

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