Breakfast Nachos Skillet from 'Ultimate Nachos'


[Photograph: Karen Wise]

Nachos for breakfast? It may sound strange until you consider that one of the greatest breakfast dishes of all time—chilaquiles—is basically a dressed-up version of nachos. In their cookbook, Ultimate Nachos, Lee Frank and Rachel Anderson offer more than a few tortilla chip-based breakfasts (including chilaqueles, of course). This particular dish, the Breakfast Nachos Skillet, is a take on baked eggs with spinach. They nacho it up by adding generous amounts of fresh mozzarella, halved cherry tomatoes, and plenty of chips. The whole dish is baked in a cast iron skillet for a pretty presentation, not to mention the need to contain all of that oozing cheese.

Why I picked this recipe: Nachos for breakfast? I say yes.

What worked: The spinach-tomato-egg-mozzarella combo is spot on. The mix of slightly softened chips on the bottom and crispy corners on the edges made for a delightful range in texture.

What didn't: I had to bake the nachos for an extra 10 minutes in order to get the egg whites to set, which unfortunately left me with less-than-runny and slightly blistered yolks. The final result was still tasty enough that I could (mostly) ignore the over-done yolks.

Suggested tweaks: Fiddling with the oven temperature would hopefully help the egg cooking problem. You could also play around with the greens mixture: anything soft and wilty will work well in place of the spinach. A bit of bacon wouldn't go amiss, either.

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