Sauced: Hot Pepper Relish


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[ Photographs: Joshua Bousel ]

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When trying out new relish recipes to top grilled dogs this summer, I may have awarded a tricolor sweet pepper relish the distinction of being my favorite, but this hot pepper relish was a very close second.

I'm a sucker for anything spicy, and the mix of green and red hot peppers here—I used jalapeños and cherry peppers—made it instantly attractive. The peppers are finely chopped in a food processor with some onion, then salted and strained of excess water. Finally, the mix is simmered in vinegar and sugar, giving it its relish tang.

I had removed the seeds from my peppers, so I ended up with a fruity, sweet heat that would be pretty universally pleasing. If making it again, I'd leave the seeds in to give it a fiery intensity, placating my need for something spicy and giving new meaning to the "hot" in hot dog.

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