Make-Ahead Spring Vegetable Soup with Pesto


[Photograph: Suzanne Lehrer]

If your office is anything like mine, which is to say, offensively freezing given the calendar date, then you likely share my affinity for soup in warm weather. But while I may be wearing a coat at my desk, I still want to at least feel like it's spring outside, hence this chock-full spring greens soup.

This is a simple, easy soup that could be adapted to any season, but I love it for a quick meal that can freeze easily or keep all week. I emptied my fridge into the pot spring-cleaning style—carrots, fennel, leeks, spring onions, celery, peas, zucchini—and the result was light, flavorful and filling. You can make your own quick pesto for this, but I went with some excellent store-bought pesto to save a bit of extra time.

If you're feeling ambitious, set up another pot next to this one on the stove, throw in more of your extra veggies, cover with water, and get a homemade vegetable stock going.

About the Author: Suzanne Lehrer is a writer and recipe developer in New York and a recipe editor for Cooking Channel. When not curating her budding hot sauce collection, she puts her French Culinary Institute education to good use in kitchens all around town. Follow her recipes and cooking adventures at and on twitter @the_suzchef.