Lunch Box: Make-Ahead Roast Chicken and Kale Salad with Tahini, Apricots, and Almonds


[Photograph: Suzanne Lehrer]

A quick Google search revealed that kale and tahini are not such original bedfellows, but the first time I tried a kale tahini salad at Chelsea Market's Tuck Shop in New York City it was a mind-blowing revelation. Kale had never tasted so good! I could eat this kale all day along!

Apparently, I'm not the only one who felt this way. Although Tuck Shop is a purveyor of meat pies, their kale salad is sometimes their most-ordered item. They told me on Mondays (when people are trying to be healthiest) the line for kale orderers can be 20 deep at any given time during lunch. After eating this salad almost every day, I decided it was time to make my own at home. I added almonds and apricots, sticking with the Mediterranean flavor profile, and added some chicken as well to make it a more complete meal.

This salad is completely customizable. Mix and match with whatever you have on hand to add to the greens or the dressing, and you could end up eating a different iteration of kale and tahini every day of the week. And trust me, that's not a bad thing.

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Make-Ahead Roast Chicken and Kale Salad with Tahini, Apricots, and Almonds jkla ยป

About the Author: Suzanne Lehrer is a writer and recipe developer in New York and a recipe editor for Cooking Channel. When not curating her budding hot sauce collection, she puts her French Culinary Institute education to good use in kitchens all around town. Follow her recipes and cooking adventures at and on twitter @the_suzchef