Beyond Curry: Kolmi Na Kavaab (Fried Prawn Patties)

Beyond Curry

Inspired Indian home cooking.


[Photograph: Prasanna Sankhe]

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This is one of those dishes you will eat without knowing when to stop. Kolmi na Kevaab , or prawn kebabs, are a distinctly Parsi dish. This small community of people follow the ancient Zorastrian religion and have made many contributions to the city of Bombay. Parsi cuisine has evolved into a unique amalgamation of flavors over the years, largely non-vegetarian in its range with plenty of interesting dishes involving eggs.

Kolmi Na Kevaab is an easy-to-cook Parsi favorite that will inspire many requests for seconds. It's mildly spicy, soft on the inside, and slightly crisp on the outside. It does have the typical Indian flavors of cumin and chilli, but the addition of Worcestershire sauce gives it a unique twist. Have it as a starter or as a side to brown rice pilaf, dhansak masala daal (recipes for that coming soon) and end with a quick snooze if it's your Sunday lunch menu.