Check Out The New Food Science Column at Cooking Light


While it may not seem like it given my track record with burgers and pizzas, I'm a big advocate of healthy eating (mostly through the "eat a million pizzas for a taste test one day and nothing but fresh vegetables the rest of the time" strategy). So when my friends over at Cooking Light Magazine contacted me a few months ago about working with them on expanding the science-forward message of The Food Lab to their sizable audience, I was both flattered and excited.

Starting with the June issue (on newstands now), I'll be stopping by Cooking Light each month with the trademark Serious Eats combination of passion, discernment, and inclusivity, along with a touch of humor (I hope) in my column "Help Me, Kenji!" to answer some common culinary questions using a bit of kitchen geekery and science to help you understand your food better.

You can check out the first article here!

And of course, we'll still have plenty of fun conversations in my Ask The Food Lab column right here.