Cereal Eats: My Trip to General Mills HQ, Part 2

Cereal Eats

Breakfastime musings about cereal.

After I had taken a good look behind the scenes at General Mills HQ and some of the fun that goes on there, it was time to head to two of the very coolest places: the photography studio and the General Mills Archives.

We headed to the photo studio first. From huge pantries stocked with every kind of cake decorating accessory to colored plates as far the eye can see, the place is any photographer, blogger, or baker's dream. Its relatively small team works in two large areas: the main studio and a natural light studio. From there, they generate all of the photography for General Mills brands.

Next up was the magical time machine known as the Archives. Once again, I was met with employees whose passion was immediately evident. These fellow cereal lovers excitedly led me on an awesome journey down memory lane, through painstakingly temperature- and humidity-controlled rooms. We pored over discontinued cereal boxes featuring mysterious old characters and checked out the vintage toys that used to reside within. Truly a cereal lovers dream come true!

Check out the slideshow and stay tuned for Part 3!