British Bites: Coddled Eggs with Marmite Mushrooms

British Bites

Classic British dishes updated for the modern American cook.


[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

We're going to call the month of May Marmageddon—each week this month, British Bites will feature a recipe using one of the most polarizing ingredients in the British culinary arsenal: Marmite! If you're one of those poor souls who has yet to embrace Marmite, I'm sorry. I sincerely hope that Marmageddon inspires you to bring this brown paste home and give it a shot.

Marmite is a thick brown paste that has a strong, salty flavor and is made from yeast extract, which is a by-product of brewing. It's often served spread on toast along with plenty of butter, or used to give a simple cheddar sandwich a bit of a boost. This month we'll be using it in a variety of ways, exploring how this humble brown goo can liven up a host of dishes, from breakfast to supper.


The first installment of Marmageddon is a simple coddled egg with mushrooms cooked with Marmite. It's a great dish for those who are just trying out Marmite for the first time. The flavor of the Marmite in the final dish isn't strong, but gives just enough support to the savory mushrooms to give this simple breakfast a delicious boost. Make sure to serve these eggs with lots of bacon and toast to dip into the eggs, and a light green salad to cut through some of the richness.