British Bites: Bacon Wrapped Marmite Chicken Legs

British Bites

Classic British dishes updated for the modern American cook.


[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

In our third week of Marmaggedon, we bring you a marmed-up version of the classic roast chicken legs. In this spin, the legs get wrapped in bacon, and then coated in a mixture of Marmite, chicken stock and brown sugar. The result is a smokey, salty, vaguely yeasty feast—complete with a dripping-based gravy, adding even more flavor to this Marmite feast.

Whenever I'm picking out bacon, I usually veer towards a thicker-cut variety. And this is especially true when I'm using it to wrap and roast. In this recipe the bacon is replacing the chicken skin, so you really need the extra thickness and fat to ensure a moist final product. Although this recipe uses the most Marmite to date, the flavor of the bacon and the chicken works so well with the Marmite that even those who are still learning to love the brown goo will appreciate its subtle notes in this recipe.

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