British Bites: Beef, Ale, and Marmite Pie

British Bites

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[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

We have reached the end of May, and with it, the last dish of Marmaggedon. This recipe celebrates Marmite's salty, savory intensity, in the form of ale-stewed beef wrapped in flakey pastry. It makes for a hearty, filling dinner but could just as easily go along on a picnic as a chilled dish, instead.

Since Marmite is a by-product of the beer brewing process, it makes perfect sense to use the two together. For the filling, beef and vegetables are simmered in a mixture of ale, stock, and a full tablespoon of Marmite. The result is a rich, meaty stew, studded with herbs and mushrooms. Make sure you have enough ale to serve a few pints alongside this pie.

I hope that Marmaggedon has inspired at least a few people to go out and grab a jar of the stuff. If you've given it a try, drop me a note and let me know about all your adventures with this wonderful, divisive brown spread.

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